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EziFoot kit


Best Secure Fixing kit for motorhome wind out awnings, including Thule, Fiama, Omnistore. Superb in all grounds, easy to use

Bag Contains:

2 – EAZIFOOT Plates

8 – 20cm Medium Pegs

2- 30cm Large Pegs

1- Hand Driver

1- Drill Adaptor




The EZIFOOT KIT for motorhome wind out awnings is a universal fixing for wind out awning legs.

BENEFITS – stops the awning legs from sinking in soft ground and lifting/moving in strong winds.

Simply screw the foot to the ground using the pegs provided, open yellow sliders, insert your awning leg and close yellow sliders. If you wish to put your awning away at anytime, just open slider, remove leg and put away, Leaving the plate and pegs in the ground.

The EZIPEGS are suitable for most ground types. For very hard ground, you will need a pilot hole made using a spike hammered in to the ground, then screw the EZIPEG in that hole by hand. The wide thread on the peg will then cut into the hole giving a very strong grip. For soft or sandy ground use the large peg for an even greater grip.

EZIPEGS do not have to be fully screwed into the ground, so long as the thread is below the ground and has a good grip just slide the clip over the peg and click. This will enable the clip to hold the EZIFOOT in place.

We recommend that you use our EZIPEG Awning Straps for extra security and peace of mind

When its time to leave just unclip the yellow sliders, take out awning legs and simply unscrew the pegs.

EZIFOOT KITS Comprises of

2 Ezifoot plates

8-20cm Medium pegs

10 peg clips

2-30cm Large pegs

1 Hand Tool

1 Drill Adaptor