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Ezipeg Kit


– 30 Medium pegs
– 30 clips
– 20 small pegs
– combination tool including aluminium adaptor



EZIPEG Kit for Caravan Awnings And Large Tents

These Pegs are Very light and strong and can be screwed in using the hand tool or a battery drill.

EZIPEG can be used in most types of ground. For hard ground, hammer in a spike to make a pilot hole then screw the peg into this hole by hand.   The Wide cut thread will then cut into the ground giving the peg a very strong hold.

The EZIPEGs do NOT have to be fully screwed into the ground like the conventional peg.  Once the EZIPEG has a firm grip in the ground, simply slide the clip over the head of the peg and attach to the peg at ground level.

When it’s time to leave just simply unscrew.

Ezipeg kit comprises of

30 – 20cm  Medium pegs

30- peg clips for ladder straps or guy ropes

20- 10cm Small pegs for around mud wall and ground sheet.

1 Hand Tool

1 Drill adaptor